Show info EP 42

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on February 16, 2017

Bramble On Podcast Ep 42 – Professional cuddlers, OJ Simpson, Johnny Depp and V-Day

Episode 42 where Eric hits us with his deep thoughts while driving. We also delve deep into the business of professional cuddling, we discuss the OJ Simpson related documentary and show from 2016, we find out Johnny Depp spends a whole lot of money and Steve gives us a Top 10 of the best gifts…

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Show info EP 22

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on February 16, 2016

Bramble On Podcast Episode 22 – Special guest Crazy Mike, Superbowl and Daniel Bryan

Episode 22 with special guest Crazy Mike where we talk about the Superbowl, the half time show, Superbowl movie trailers, the retirement of Daniel Bryan along with commentary on the road to Wrestlemania and Coop’s top 10!!