Show info EP 32

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on July 25, 2016

Bramble On Podcast Ep 32 – Pokemon Go F*ck yourself, vacation stories, house guests and summer blockbuster fails

Back from a long vacation we have a love/hate relationship with Pokemon Go, we discuss house guests, vacation stories and review a few of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster fails!

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Published by BrambleOnAdmin on July 10, 2016

Bramble On Podcast Ep 31 – Late Brexit reaction, Led Zeppelin wins copyright, Michael Jackson still being slandered, Coop’s sexy top 10

Episode 31 where we have a late reaction to Brexit, we chat about bad restaurant customer service, Led Zeppelin wins long running copyright case, Michael Jackson is still getting slandered post death, yet another unfortunate young Hollywood actor passes away, and Coop’s sexy and salacious Top 10!!