Show info EP 28

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on May 17, 2016

Bramble On Podcast Ep 28 – Friday the 13th, sex doll goddess and Civil War!

Come join us as we fear Jason on Friday the 13th, we find out that a plastic sex doll can be a god, getting high on your own supply is a bad idea, the Hyperloop can get you anywhere really fast, Captain America Civil War review, WWE layoffs and Coop’s Top 10!

Teknowledge Show info Ep 01

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on May 10, 2016

Bramble On Teknowledge Ep 01 – Cord Cutting 101

Welcome to the first episode of Bramble On Teknowledge where we do a deep dive on cord cutting. We discuss the hardware needed and all the major streaming media solutions on the market.

Show info EP 27

Published by BrambleOnAdmin on May 3, 2016

Bramble On Podcast Ep 27 – Prince and Chyna R.I.P. Transgender bathrooms and a double helping of Steve’s Top 10

We’re back with Episode 27 where we lament the passing of Prince, Chyna and Doris Roberts. We discuss Eric’s pony tail, transgender bathrooms, Snapchat missteps, Brian Johnson dropping out of the AC/DC tour, Johnny Manziel runining his football career and a double dose of Steve’s Top 10!