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Bramble On Podcast Ep 30 – Tribute to Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe, Playboy Mansion, alligators and marijuana stocks

Episode 30 where we’re Orlando Strong, we discuss the legacy of Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe, we find out the Playboy mansion has been sold and needs a thorough cleaning, Alabama school brands a child, 2yr old has a fatal run in with an alligator, Hungarian gravediggers have a digging competition, Eric doesn’t like west coast barbers and Steve’s Top 10!

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Bramble On Podcast Ep 29 – Depp and Cosby are dicks to women, Penis Transplants, Gorillas and Steve’s Top 10

Episode 29 where we find out Johnny Depp and Bill Cosby are dicks to women, penis transplants are now a thing, Lenny Dykstra put HGH in his cereal, Switzerland may be giving away free money, children shouldn’t play with gorillas, Portland Oregon sells good ice cream and donuts, DYI stories and Steve’s Top 10