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Bramble On Podcast Ep 42 – Professional cuddlers, OJ Simpson, Johnny Depp and V-Day

Episode 42 where Eric hits us with his deep thoughts while driving. We also delve deep into the business of professional cuddling, we discuss the OJ Simpson related documentary and show from 2016, we find out Johnny Depp spends a whole lot of money and Steve gives us a Top 10 of the best gifts to get for Valentine’s Day!!

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Bramble On Podcast Ep 41 – New Year’s resolutions, CES 2017, Crowdfunding and Carrie Fisher

Back with Episode 41 where we end the year on another sad note with the passing of Carrie Fisher but we begin anew with resolutions and plans for the future. We take a look at the upcoming tech trends on display at CES 2017, we discuss crowdfunding methods, and the future impact of Amazon GO. Come hang out with us on this first episode of 2017!