Show info Finishing Moves Ep001

Bramble On Finishing Moves Ep01 – Debut Episode! WWE Draft, Battleground, New Raw and Smackdown Live Reactions

Debut episode coninciding with the New Era of the WWE. We discuss the latest PPV Battleground after the brand split and the draft a week before. We follow up with a deep dive into the New Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live episodes, the stars within each show as well as the outlook of both shows going forward. Steve recounts a top 10 wrestler of all time list per Sports Illustrated!!

Show info EP 33

Bramble On Podcast Ep 33 – Guns ‘n Roses, Jason Bourne review, Eric’s Bag, and New Streaming Picks

Episode 33 where we review the new Jason Bourne movie, Steve tells us all about the Guns ‘N Roses concert, Eric tells us about his bag and desk set up, we recommend some new streaming entertainment from both Netflix and YouTube, we discuss balloon flights and the recent tragedy, and Steve tells us how sex is good for your health.

Show info EP 31

Bramble On Podcast Ep 31 – Late Brexit reaction, Led Zeppelin wins copyright, Michael Jackson still being slandered, Coop’s sexy top 10

Episode 31 where we have a late reaction to Brexit, we chat about bad restaurant customer service, Led Zeppelin wins long running copyright case, Michael Jackson is still getting slandered post death, yet another unfortunate young Hollywood actor passes away, and Coop’s sexy and salacious Top 10!!

Show info EP 30

Bramble On Podcast Ep 30 – Tribute to Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe, Playboy Mansion, alligators and marijuana stocks

Episode 30 where we’re Orlando Strong, we discuss the legacy of Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe, we find out the Playboy mansion has been sold and needs a thorough cleaning, Alabama school brands a child, 2yr old has a fatal run in with an alligator, Hungarian gravediggers have a digging competition, Eric doesn’t like west coast barbers and Steve’s Top 10!